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It's a BUG EAT BUG world out there.
Let us introduce you to our Natural Born Killers!

Professional gardeners, greenhouse owners, farmers, and all types of growers utilize our beneficial insects as their primary form of pest control. Managing pest insects and mites by using their natural enemies against them is one of the oldest and most successful methods of pest control known and utilized by man. Beneficial insects are harmless to people, plants, and animals. They are born to hunt, capture, and consume your pest insects!

We offer biological controls on a wide range of pests that are commonly found on farms and stables, in fields, gardens, greenhouses, and orchards: Aphids, worms & caterpillars, spider mites, thrips, greenhouse whiteflies, flies, mealybugs, sweet potato whiteflies, mosquitoes, fire ants, grasshoppers, broadmites, and many more!


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