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The Beneficial Insect Company (aka Carolina Bug Farm) provides biological insect control products that help control common agricultural pest insects.  The guidelines outlined here provide basic instructions for pest control activities using benefical insects.

Improve the effectiveness of our biological insect control products by following these guidelines when implementing your natural pest control program.

Check our Beneficial Insects - Help & Tips page for more information.

This praying mantis is just one of the natural pest control products that we sell at the Carolina Bug Farm.  We provide our customers with guidelines and advice that will help your natural pest control program succeed.

Monitor Plants and Animals

It is paramount to check your plants and animals weekly to bi-weekly in order to know when insect pests are present, the degree of the infestation (low, medium, high), and the size of the area(s) or number of plants / animals under attack.

Identify Pest Insects

The pests that you have determine which beneficial insect predator and/or parasite species to buy and release for a biological insect control program. You will need to know your enemies and learn to recognize them in all stages of development. (This is critical for the beneficial insects too.)

Proper Timing of Benefical Insects

Releasing beneficial insects and mites is best done whenever pest populations are low to medium. Higher populations should always be reduced, in the least toxic manner possible, prior to using any beneficial insects. You need to introduce bio-controls at the first sign of pests. A fast response is essential to controlling their infestation rate and overall impact on your agricultural operation.

Biological Insect Release Rates

Biological Insect Control is a strategy of management, whereby pests are maintained at levels, so as not to cause great economic or aesthetic losses to what you grow. Our application rates are in general terms because every situation is different. Start out by releasing the higher recommendations, then cut back to small periodic releases, as needed for control. Also, consider preventative introductions when you feel it is appropriate. Benefical insects should always be applied immediately upon receipt from us.

Maintain a Suitable Environment for Beneficals

Keep and maintain surroundings that favor the naturally occurring beneficial insects, as well as those that you are releasing. Food, water, shelter, and a poison-free environment are their major requirements for survival and good performance. When ants are present on your crops or plants, the ants must be controlled before the initial application of beneficial insects.


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