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Lady Beatles / ladybugs
(more information on Aphid Control with Ladybugs)

Lady Beetles
Hippodamia convergens Species
1 BAG (ca. 1,500) $17.00
1/2 PINT (ca. 4,500) $25.00
1 QUART (ca. 18,000) $45.00
1/2 GALLON (ca. 36,000) CALL
1 GALLON (ca. 75,000) CALL
(704) 607-1631
*Approx. Quantity of Insects*
- Live Delivery Guaranteed -

Both adults & larvae feed on aphids (plant lice / green bugs), but known to scavenge on wide variety of other soft-bodied insects, mites & eggs. Each ladybug can consume as many as 5,000 aphids during life-time of about 1 year. These organic pest control insects are harvested directly from nature. Sometimes scarce. Shipped as adults. As with all beneficials (insects, mites & nematodes) it is far better to make small periodic releases. Ladybugs can be stored in kitchen refrigerator 1-4 weeks @ 35° - 45° F. Will not control wooly or giant bark aphids.

This species does not invade houses, buildings, etc. To become a nuisance as The Asian ladybug, Harmonia axyrisdis

General Release Rates with Low Pest Infestations:

1 bag treats to about 1,000 sq. ft.
1/2 pint treats to about 2,500 sq. ft.
1 pint treats to about 5,000 sq. ft.
1 quart treats to about 15,000 sq. ft.
1/2 gallon treats to about an acre
1 gallon per acre
5 - 10 gallons per acre with medium - high infestations

The Beneficial Insect Company                          Telphone Orders: (704) 607-1631
* Green Lacewing Larvae
(more information on Green Lacewing Larvae)
Green Lacewing Larvae
Chrysoperia rufilabris Species
1,000 $38.00
2,000 $72.00
5,000 CALL
(704) 607-1631
To Guarantee Live Delivery Shipped Only Next Day Air June - Sept.
Shipped 2nd Day Air All Other Months.

Lacewing larvae are general predators that feed on many different species of insects with soft bodies, mites & eggs, but primary food are aphids. While in this stage only 2 - 4 weeks, each can consume & kill up to 600 aphids. Less effective on peppers, tomatoes & cukes - & have problems finding prey on plants with hairy or sticky leaves. Use 2,000 per 1,000 sq. ft. or 1 per Each 10 Pests. 50,000 per Acre With Low Infests. Best released at 2 week intervals to insure generation overlap & presence of feeding larvae throughout pest cycle. Adults eat pollen, nectar, & honeydew (sugary liquid discharged by some insects) - mostly active at night.

* Praying Mantis
(more information on Natural Control with Praying Mantis)
Praying Mantid Egg Cases
Tenodera aridifolia sinensis Species
3 Cases $10.00 per Case

Prices Are Subject to Change 

(This is a seasonal item)

We have the answer to your PRAYERS! Like "mantis" from heaven, our Chinese mantids will eat any bug of a size they can catch. Their feast is your famine and the are a great organic pest control option. And they are fascinating to watch too. Each egg case can hatch hundreds of Praying Mantids!

* Fly Parasites (more information on Fly Predators)
Fly Parasites
1 Colony = 10,000 to 15,000 parasites shipped
1 Colony   $32.00
2-4 Colonies Each $30.00

Our Fly Parasites are "PROGRAMMED TO KILL" all kinds of flies. Newly hatched parasites feed on larvae destroying up to 95% of the immature flies. It is important to know that it is impossible to eliminate all flies since nothing will give you 100% control.

Fly parasites are also known as "Fly Predators™". Fly Predators™ is a trademarked term held by a competing firm - Spalding Laboratories.

The Beneficial Insect Company                          Telphone Orders: (704) 607-1631

* Predatory Mites
Predatory Mites
P. persimilis , N. californicus , M. longipes
1,000 $42.00
2,000 $82.00
5,000 $175.00

Predatory mites kill spider mites - particularly two-spotted or red spider mites, a troublesome pest in most growing environments, in & outside. Known to feed on over 200 different species of plants. Predatory mites attack & kill all stages of spider mites, eliminating 5-20 daily during 30-45 day life. They multiply at nearly 2x the rate of spider mites & easily overtake existing populations. Usually all 3 species (above) are used together when temperatures range from 50-90 degrees F with humidities 60-90%. Begin With 1 Predator Mite For Every 20 Spider Mites.

* Beneficial Nematodes
(more on Organic Insect Control with Beneficial Nematodes)
Beneficial Nematodes
S. carpocapsae & H. heliothidis Strains
Heterorhabditis bacteriophora strain now available.
1 Million $25.00
2 Million $42.00
6 Million $50.00
24 Million $152.00

Beneficial Nemas naturally prey on over 250 different pest species that spend some part of their lives developing in the soil. They kill pests rapidly, have a wide host range, are resistant to most pesticides & fungicides, maintain high virulence & reproductive rates & safe for non-target organisms, such as earthworms. They hunt & kill underground - grubs, fleas, weevils, borers, worms, & maggots, including dog and cat fleas, flea beetles, Japanese beetle grubs, wireworms, fungus gnats, thrips, Squash vine borers, seed corn & onion maggots, hairy cinch bugs, saw flies, root weevils & more. Simply mix it with water & drench into soil. 1 Million Treats Approx. 2,000 sq. ft. 6 Million Covers 12,000 sq. ft. Release 24 Million per Acre. A combo pack of both strains suggested. Will not control any pest nematodes.

The Beneficial Insect Company                          Telphone Orders: (704) 607-1631
* Yellow Sticky Traps
Yellow Sticky Traps
     - 3 x 5 -
10 $10.00
25 $15.00
50 $25.00
100 $37.00

Because many different species of flying insect pests are attracted to the color yellow, Yellow Sticky Traps are excellent and inexpensive tools to aid in pest identification and monitoring their presence -- as well as mass trapping some species for complete control. Beneficials are not attracted to the color yellow.

* Milky Spore
Milky Spore Powder
Bacillus popiliae - Dutky
10 Oz Treats 2,500 sq. ft. $34.00
40 Oz Treats 10,000 sq. ft. $110.00
1 Dispenser Tube $10.00
2 Dispenser Tubes $18.00

Dreading the arrival of JAPANESE BEETLES? These beetles and their grubs can ruin your lawn and garden. Milky Spore Powder will eliminate the grubs and keep them away for years. It is harmless to everything except beetle grubs. In powder form, we also have a convenient dispenser tube for easy application.

* Mosquito Dunks
Mosquito and Black Fly Larvae Control
Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis
6 Pack $15.00
20 Pack $32.00
100 Pack $140.00
*Shipped Standard Mail U.S. Post Office*

Discovered in Israel in 1977, Bti is a beneficial soil bacterium (microbial) a completely organic form of pest control, specific for the control of mosquito larvae (wigglers) & black fly larvae, which develop in shallow & stagnant waters. Directly following ingestion mortality exceeding 80% can be expected within 48 hrs. Each Dunk Treats 100 sq. ft. For Up To 30 Days Regardless Of Water Depth. Ready-to-use, floating & time release. Safe to use wherever mosquitoes are breeding: ponds, bird baths, animal watering troughs, drainage ditches, gutters, rain barrels, etc. 6-20-100 pack sizes available.

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